Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Productive Day

Not too much to report. Just thought I'd share the general happenings of the day.

Spent a fair chunk of the afternoon with Anna collecting footage and images of Spring for Secret Garden's backdrops. As I understand it, the plan is to rear-project the images onto the background of the stage. Not sure how much of it could be used in the trailer at this point as that's still being discussed. The music arrangements are also coming along pretty smoothly. The weather is really getting us in the spirit for it all.

The previously mentioned film project also met with some wonderful news as it looks like we may be a-go for shooting on location at a local establishment. That they might legitimately say no has been a fear throughout pre-production, as the scene was somewhat key and most conceivable alternatives would have really taken away from what the writers were going for. The details are still to be worked out, so I'll hold off from names, but the initial response to our inquiry was enthusiastically positive. Yay!

That's about it for today. Had a few fun prospects for jobs (as in, employment). I'm looking into becoming an electrician as a long-term career goal, but for now with the economy as it is I'm just seeking something to fund my more ambitious projects, electrician classes, and help pay the bills. I suppose it's relevant news to this blog in that it's the key thing holding me back from pursuing a few bigger projects that are currently resting on the back burner. More on those when there closer to the... um, fore burner. Yeah. Fingers crossed!


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