Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Current Projects 03/13/2012

I've got three big projects coming up:


I'm currently arranging the score for Gorilla Theater Production's (GTP) youth production of The Secret Garden. This production features a largely original score by Beverly Seng with a few traditional hymns. The score was sent to me in Garageband files with the melodies mostly written for piano or guitar with flute accompaniment (some having more instrumentation then others though).

The arrangements were largely modeled for the kids to learn the rhythms and melodies of the songs clearly and with ease. My task is to spice these homework tracks up for the stage, both with soundscapes and ambiance as well as additional instrumentation and mixing. This will be my first project where I'm working with music by someone else. It's a fun score crafted by someone with a lot of knowledge about folk and classical music. I expect to learn a lot from the experience, especially about arranging music with lyrics - something I'm hoping to do more of in the future.

I'm also planing to shoot a trailer for this production in the coming weeks.


Later this month I will start shooting as the cinematographer on a friend of mine's short film. The film will feature my wife, Anna, in the cast and as an assistant director. There have been some scheduling conflicts but we're hell bent to make it happen. It has a very David Lynchian vibe to it. I expect the project to be lots of fun. More info as it develops!


Last night I met with Anna and Timothy Hulsey to discuss GTP's follow up production to Secret Garden, Oliver Goldsmith's She Stoops to Conquer. We looked over the script and talked logistics. At this point, my involvement looks to be as a production assistant, helping with sets and whatnot. I do plan to shoot a trailer for that show as well, more on that as it develops.

Check GTP's site for audition info for She Stoops.
They will be looking for adult and teen actors.


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