Sunday, January 20, 2013

Thoughts after opening night of Macbeth

I think few would argue that no night is tougher than opening night. In many ways it's the NASCAR night. Come to support friends and family, stay for the car wrecks - forgotten lines and technical difficulties. 
Other than the score lap-top crashing halfway through the final act (silencing two of my favorite tunes), everything went spectacular! The actors all showed up. No one spun out. No one hit the wall. There were no collisions unintended, and certainly no pile-ups. The Macduff's almost made Anna and I cry (the dead and the surviving!). A Macbeth afraid of never getting off book flowed eloquently through his lines.  
 And Hecate? Oh my, she was badass!
Seyton? Seyton was like Pyramidhead and Pinhead had a baby. His sword is my all time favorite prop out of all the things I've made for Anna's shows.  
 The fights worked (whew!). 
Every character felt like they mattered and was realized. The banquet scene was unnerving as hell. I could go on and on about everyone and everything. It was easily the best opening night we've ever had.
I know this because as good as it was some scenes were done better in rehearsal, so they have it in them and now have no nerves to distract them from it. I know this because we've figured out better ways to do things since last night. The only argument I can think of for tougher nights than opening are later nights on a show with a very long run. Actors can only invest in their characters for so long, but with only four shows remaining... that should not be a problem.  So come on out! 
Show starts at 4:00pm. It is WELL worth the $5 price of admission, (and this time we'll have soft drinks and water!).

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