Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gorilla Theater Productions Macbeth Kickstarter

Though I already linked to the page in my last post, I thought I'd go ahead and embed the Kickstarter video for anyone curious.

As of today we've only made $80 towards our minimum goal of $550 (with 6 days left). Granted the page has barely been up two days, and I suspect this weekend is really when things will liven up. Still, I can't stress enough the usefulness of spreading the word around. We totally understand that not everyone can donate, but what anyone who wants to support GTP can do is share the link and spread the word to others that might be able to. :D

Also, I've put together a playlist on Youtube of past production trailers to familiarize people new to GTP with who we are and what we're about. It's all stuff I've posted in the past but now they're in a neat package with the new trailer and the sneak peek at the score I've created for the show. I've included the score video in part because that's one of the things we're giving away to people that pledge $50 or more. Each CD will come in a cardboard sleeve with track listing, some doodles unique to each one, and of course will be signed by me. There's some other great gifts on the page well worth checking out. We're even giving away 3 to 5 of the prop-SWORDS at the end of the show's run. These are all custom made for the show by Anna and I, and while comprised of hammered conduit INTENDED FOR DECORATION ONLY, they're still pretty darn cool.

So spread the word! It's gonna be a great show and with a little help it will be are biggest yet!


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