Monday, October 8, 2012

Recent Music: "Saucer Sauce" and "Station Sprawl"

Here's a couple songs I've composed recently not attached to any projects.

Saucer Sauce

This one was my first experiment messing around with a 6/8 signature. 6/8 time came to my attention due to it being a frequent signature used by my all-time favorite composer, Charles Mingus. With that in mind, imagine my surprise when my dabbling in jazz produced an almost raver dancer tune. I'm quite pleased with the finished piece which evokes many Cartoon themes with a retro 50s sci-fi twist.

Station Sprawl

This one was a bit more layered and challenging. The base beat was added last and really gave a shape to what was initially a little too repetitive a tune. It's also my first foray into 7/4 time. I don't know, I've just been on a weird time signature kick lately.

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