Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Where Have I Been?

So much has happened since last I posted. The gap between my last post and this is largely due to a car accident I was in. All things considered, I came out of it pretty okay. Some chiropractic work for over ten weeks and a totaled car, a lot of pain and discomfort and mental turmoil, but I'm very much alive and well now (I mean, I'm still nuts, but that's to be expected). The hardest part was how many things I was caught up in at the time that were put on hold or in many cases canceled indefinitely. I've tried to get two film projects off the ground since last winter and both have fallen apart (one directly due to the accident and subsequent complications with schedules and life). Best laid plans of mice... well, they got pretty plowed. Still some things have just been on hold. I'm hell bound to get the footage from Macbeth edited and up. I'm working on a new film project that's cast and about to shoot with the full support of my lovely gifted Anna producing with all her Gorilla Theater badassness. Taking the dead tired hour right after work most days to dabble in music. Recovery found me with a backlog of creativity that's busting out now, held back only by the need to still catch up in more practical aspects of life. I've poured myself into art for the last two weeks and the payoff has been pretty exciting. For now though some catching up: Macbeth was one of the best shows we ever put on. I am so proud to have even been a peripheral person involved in it. More on that to come. I had nearly nothing to do with Anna's follow-up show, THE IRON RING. It was fantastic though. Sadly seen by few (We didn't get a lot of promotion out there for it). Perhaps the most exciting part was how much it felt like we were looking at the next generation of GTP kids. As the vets all gear up for college, it's very clear that the show will go on in their absence. Something that has left all of us with a strange sense of comfort. Perhaps this isn't a flash in the pan run. Perhaps we will be around for quite awhile yet. I made some music around the time of Macbeth that I never shared here. I should. A whole double album of insanity is out there on Youtube with my name on it - some of which you may have heard before and some you probably haven't. There's lots more to type. I'll get around to it later. Until then, cheers. I'm back. Slowly but surely. Art will happen. :)

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