Saturday, August 11, 2012

Current and Upcoming Projects

As I've said before, silence on this blog usually means I'm too busy doing to talk about it, and for the most part that's true.

The blog activity slowed down considerably after Secret Garden due to my leaving the unemployment club. I now work 6am to 3pm at a warehouse, mostly driving forklifts about and loading and unloading product. It's fun, but for anyone that's known me for a while the concept of me waking up at 5am (as opposed to say... going to bed at that hour) is a little insane. And yes, it has been insane going through what can only be called a pretty radical change in lifestyle, leaving me seldom motivated when I have the time, to spend it blogging. Sorry about that. On the bright side, life is a bit more comfortable as a result of said job. So... yay!

She Stoops to Conquer was an overall success. My apologies to the second cast for not getting any of the footage up (yet), which I still intend to do. If there is one thing perhaps more than any that I regret as the summer comes to an end its how little of the ever growing backlog of footage from the last few shows has been edited and uploaded. I have on some projects up to a dozen hours of footage to slog through and in more than one case a great deal of sound recording problems to unravel. Fortunately I have a new shotgun mic. which should allow for a significant improvement in sound quality for future recordings.

I've still been composing a lot of music while not putting it all on youtube. Some shall be posted sooner than later. I've also been doing a lot of writing, working on the collaborative novel with Anna and some things of my own. Anna's been rather busy herself, having finished Stoops, she took a break from directing to act in a production of Collateral Bodies at The Bridge. I hear there will be footage from that show going online in the future, but for those that missed it here are some lovely photos. Anna and Gorilla Theater provided some costuming and set pieces for the show as well.

For those looking for a more lighthearted venture, Anna can be seen next weekend in Live Arts' Summer Shorts performing in a piece by Sean McCord (who played Mr. Hardcastle in Stoops) entitled, Moving.

As for Gorilla Theater Productions, Anna has selected the last three plays that will close out the year and will be announcing them soon enough. While work for me around the holidays will make it difficult to participate beyond scoring, I am already starting work providing scores/house music for all three productions, which will be a fantasy adventure for teens and tweens, a small classic Scandinavian drama with Anna in the lead, and something not very small at all by the Bard. These are all projects Anna is very passionate about and after a summer of acting is posed to be very regenerated for attacking. It's going to be a blast!

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